We Have Changed Name To InFINITE Flame, walk this journey with us...

Our Services

We offer you the following services, effectively and efficiently.

Web Hosting

Not only do we provide you with an application development service but we can also host your applications such as websites.We also provide an..


Meticulous attention to detail enables us to provide our clients with simple but superior multi-media solutions for their business while exploring various media channels.

Application Development

Whether you require web applications, mobile applications, websites , etc. we can assist you in fulfilling your needs and deliver the best product for you.

Graphic Design

Quality, Craftsmanship and elegance is what graphic design is about at Impeccable Communications. We cater for both digital and printing solutions


Our company is strategically positioned to take your BRAND to greater heights via various means, because ultimately “We’re all about your brand”.


As a business we understand the need for effective marketing to grow your business. We have the know how and expertise to do just that.

About Us

Our business is your brand, because ultimately “We’re all about your brand”
We are a creative team. We find the problems, Create the solutions.

Impeccable Communications (Pty) Ltd offers the expertise a proactive oriented and technologically inclined company needs to perform its operations efficiently and effectively, through allowing it to concentrate on its core activities whilst deploying the latest communication implements.

We understand the significance of quality products/services and prices that not only work for the client but also enables them to continue with their business as they should. In addition we know the frustration of not being able to find information about the progress on your order, which is why we have we encourage conversation continuously between our clients and staff, we see this as another important basis of good business.