August 8, 2015

About Us

Corporate Philosophy

* Pursuing exceptional service excellence through innovative use of technological and software techniques, while promoting high ethical standards and transparency with the clients from inception to completion of the project/service.
* Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship, good leadership/mentorship of young people in efforts to curb unemployment in society.
* To exceed client expectations from a monetary perspective to services rendered during and after completion of the project.
* We understand that our biggest asset is our people, and as such the highest care is taken to ensure their success and growth within the company.


Impeccable Communications (Pty) Ltd offers the expertise a proactive oriented and technologically inclined company needs to perform its operations efficiently and effectively, through allowing it to concentrate on its core activities whilst deploying the latest communication implements.
Our business is your brand, because ultimately “We’re all about your brand”

About Impeccable Communications

Impeccable Communications took approximately 4 year of preparation and research before being incepted. This allowed us to learn more about what customers look for in a product/service they receive and want. This single point is the single most important as it determines whether a client eventually purchases the product/services and after purchase and extensive use will the client be happy with its performance.
We understand the significance of quality products/services and prices that not only work for the client but also enables them to continue with their business as they should. In addition we know the frustration of not being able to find information about the progress on your order, which is why we have we encourage conversation continuously between our clients and staff, we see this as another important basis of good business.

Our Mission

• To provide marketing oriented organizations/entities a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business, market, and channel development on a local and regional scale.
• To offer a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, professionalism and confidentiality.
• To continuously engage with client in order to clearly understand their requirements and execute them as such.
• To provide reputable IT services that benefit your entity/organization and a cost suitable for you.
• To provide a platform where the opportunity for growth is of the highest standard for all employees of the company regardless of position.

Our Vision

To be the primary one stop group for all your IT solutions without compromising on service excellence, an unrivalled product range and customer satisfaction tailor made to suit your business needs at a cost suitable to your business.

Our Values

• Client conversation
To encourage continuous discussion of service from conceptualization, implementation through to the finished product.
• Implementation
To continuously implement and execute any business requirement as mandated by the client at all times
• Service excellence and follow-up
To promote exceptional craftsmanship on products and services rendered and follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Transparency
To conduct business in a clear and transparent manner upholding the highest standards of integrity

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