August 9, 2015

Social Responsibility

One of our social responsibility campaigns is “The SA Mark” (, a project committed to helping alleviate poverty, support entrepreneurship, reduce crime, build unity, educate and entertain through arts and culture.

The SA Mark has been running since 2010 and it has focused mainly on South African Hip Hop until recently.
We strive to provide a platform that will continue to alleviate poverty, support social-entrepreneurship, reduce crime, build unity, educate and entertain.

We play the following roles for The SA Mark;

Web Hosting – we host the project’s web and mobile application (Hybrid Application)

Application Development – we conceptualised, developed and currently maintaining the application

Graphic Design – we design some of the graphics utilised in the project. To optimise browsing experience, we edit all images used to ensure they are quick to load

Branding – we have developed a well known brand that is associated with positive change, our re-branding of the web and mobile application has helped increase “The SA Mark’s” brand presence. this strategy was aimed at providing an optimal online platform that gets people talking ad excited.

Marketing – for the “The SA Mark” , we have mostly used online marketing techniques and tools such social multimedia and search engine optimisation to create awareness and capture a niche market. Not only that, we expertise to get newspaper exposure and some of the publications that published content about “The SA Mark” are “The Rep” newspaper and “Daily Sun” Eastern Cape Regional newspaper.

We would like to build relationships and work with all individuals and organizations that are part of the South African Arts and Culture (Literature, Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Art, etc.) and support them through our platform.    Send article as PDF